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Features and applications of explosion-proof telephones


       One: Overview of explosion-proof telephones

       The explosion-proof telephone is designed according to a special anti-riot structure, so that it can still work safely in a complex, harsh and explosive environment. Most power plants, industrial and mining plants and chemical plants will install this kind of communication equipment. In addition, explosion-proof telephones have the characteristics of explosion-proof on the one hand, as well as the basic functions of talking. This function can be used as long as they are connected to ordinary telephone lines.

       At present, there are mainly two types of explosion-proof telephones on the market, one is explosion-proof type explosion-proof telephones, and the other is intrinsically safe type explosion-proof telephones. However, most of the explosion-proof telephones are used in the market because, compared with intrinsically safe explosion-proof telephones, explosion-proof explosion-proof telephones have a wider range of uses and their performance is relatively high. In addition, the body design of the explosion-proof explosion-proof telephone has a very high sealing performance, which determines that it has the function of waterproofing at the same time. According to experimental testing, the waterproof level of the explosion-proof explosion-proof telephone can reach P66. This data It is comparable to a very professional waterproof telephone.

       Two: The working principle of explosion-proof telephone

       Explosion-proof telephones were originally developed for flammable and explosive places such as coal mines, and are generally used in H-1 and 2 level places in factories and mines. The production of explosion-proof telephones must comply with the "Ministry of First Machinery, Ministry of Coal, and Petrochemical: Interim Regulations for the Manufacturing and Inspection of Safety Spark-type Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment", and meet the requirements of H-2 explosion-proof.

       The explosion-proof telephone adopts protective components and safety barriers to ensure the reliability of the safety spark performance. Its ringing coil, induction coil and other parts are sealed with epoxy resin, so the explosion-proof telephone is safe and reliable when used in the oxygen chamber, and belongs to intrinsically safe equipment.

       Three: structural materials

       The explosion-proof shell of the explosion-proof telephone is made of aluminum alloy casting, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed, which has good impact resistance and protection performance. The keypad of the explosion-proof telephone is made of stainless steel, the handle is an outdoor public telephone handle, and the handle rope is an outdoor public telephone metal sheathed cable rope. The circuit components are purchased and produced according to outdoor standards, and the circuit undergoes strict explosion-proof and protective treatment. Explosion-proof telephones can be used with anti-noise handles (also known as explosion-proof and anti-noise telephones) to make the phone clearer in high-noise environments.

       Four: Technical indicators of explosion-proof telephones

       1. Ambient temperature: -45~+60℃

       2. Relative humidity: ≤95%

       3. Atmospheric pressure: 80~110 kPa

       4. Environmental noise: ≤60dB

       5. Explosion-proof mark: ExdibⅡBT6

       6. Degree of protection: IP67

       7. Working frequency: 300~3400 Hz

       8. Ring tone level: ≥70 dB

        Five: Scope of application of explosion-proof telephones

        Suitable for zone 1 and zone 2 of explosive gas environment

        ◆Suitable for IIA, IIB explosive gas environment

        ◆Suitable for flammable dust environment in zone 20, zone 21 and zone 22

        ◆Suitable for T1~T6 temperature group

        ◆Widely used in dangerous environments such as petroleum exploration, chemical industry, military industry, pharmaceutical oil refining, and oil depots, offshore oil platforms, tankers and other places

        Features of Jiuwo explosion-proof telephone:

        The telephone can form an independent communication system with the program-controlled exchange and coupler.

        ◆Can be directly connected to the telecommunication network

        ◆After forming the call system, each phone is an independent workstation, and the failure of one of them will not affect the operation of the entire system

        ◆After forming a call system, the product has an automatic gain function, and the size of the voice does not change with the length of the distance or the number of phones

        ◆Patented design of phone shell, waterproof and dustproof, no need for waterproof cover, beautiful and practical.

        ◆The internal circuit of the phone adopts the international general double-sided integrated circuit, which has the advantages of accurate number issuing, clear call and stable operation.

        ◆Aluminum alloy die-cast shell, with high mechanical strength and strong impact resistance.

        ◆The surface of the shell is electrostatically sprayed at high temperature, with good antistatic ability and eye-catching color.

        ◆Key parts handles, hanging forks, and keyboards are all produced by our company. The quality control is strictly controlled and the after-sales response is fast.


        How to use Jiuwo explosion-proof telephone:

        1. The calling party picks up the phone and dials the called party's phone number → the called party's phone rings

        2. The called party hears the ringtone → pick up the handle to answer the call, the two parties talk normally

        3. End the call, hang up the handset

        4. The caller picks up the phone and presses the "R" key to call the last dialed number

        Product appearance and installation dimensions of Jiuwo explosion-proof telephone

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