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Congratulations on the smooth exit of the telephone in the National Prison in Africa and Morocco


       At the end of November 2021, Ningbo Jiuwo Explosion-proof Technology Co., Ltd. issued a prison telephone set to Morocco, an African country, to successfully exit the customs. Product model: JWAT137 Project name: Moroccan prison phone project.

       Features of prison telephone:

       1. The telephone can form an independent communication system with switches and couplers.

       2. It can be directly connected to the telecommunication network.

       3. After forming the call system, each phone is an independent workstation, and the failure of one of them will not affect the operation of the entire system.

       4. After forming a call system, the product has an automatic gain function, and the size of the voice does not change with the length of the distance or the number of phones.

       5. The internal circuit of the telephone adopts the international general double-sided integrated circuit, which has the advantages of accurate calling, clear call and stable operation.

       6. Brushed stainless steel surface shell, high mechanical strength, strong impact resistance.

       7. The key parts handles, hanging forks, and keyboards are all produced by our company. The quality control is strictly controlled, and the after-sales response is fast.

       Prison phone use range:

       Applicable to prisons, labor camps, drug rehabilitation centers and other internal intercoms, communications and other places that need to be monitored


       1. The calling party picks up the phone and dials the called party's phone number → the called party's phone rings.

       2. The called party hears the ringtone → pick up the handle to answer the call, and the two parties talk normally.

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