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Ningbo Joiwo industrial Explosionproof telephone system JWBT811 in steelworks / steel plant



Ningbo Joiwo  Intrinsically Safe  industrial Explosionproof   telephone JWBT811  has been  installed  on  steelworks / steel plant .There is a great number of  chemical  and explosive gas here.Meanwhile there will be loudly noise surrounding and could not hear clearly by normal communication.According to this environmment,it will need our explosionproof telephone JWBT810 to solve these problems. Our telephone could be used for such hazardous area.The aluminum alloy shell,IP67 defend grade,with high mechanical strength and strong impact resistant. The person could make a call when emergency situation happen.  Its with steady quality and good feedbacks from our customers.


This ex phone is Widely used in IIA,IIB gas,mining,oil exploration, chemical, military, pharmaceutical, oil refining and other hazardous environments


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